Hello! Welcome to SpecterPool.

This Pool has been developed by students who want to participate on the big project that Cardano represents.

Our objective is to create a community of Cardano lovers that wants to support the big net that Cardano is. We want you to earn rewards due to the PoS system while you help us to develop the pool delegating your ADA with us.

How to stake with us

It is pretty easy, you just have to go to your dellegation center and search for the ticket "SPCTR"

Once you have found it, you just have to select the wallet or the amount of ADA that you want to delegate.

Guide step-by-step

Why us?

Because we are young students who really want to take part of Cardano.
We were fascinated since the beginning about all the things that Cardano could bring us, and we do not plan to leave.

We are also trustworthy people, we are not going to changes our fees, and we have a very low one, just 1% and 50% of this margin will be destinated to charity to help kids and their education.

Is it safe?

Yes! Completely, when you delegate your ADA, you just select a pool to support, but your funds never leave you. We do not have any key or option to take your funds.

Remember, NEVER send your ADA to anyone when stacking, it will be a scam!

How do I earn rewards?

Once you delegate your ADA, you will start to earn rewards 3 epochs later.

Why 3 epochs?

You will earn them 3 epochs later after you delegate it, this is because when you delegate, Cardano needs 2 epochs to update your delegation, and on the 3rd one, you will earn these rewards, easy!!!

Is it free?

Yes... and no, once you delegate, you will have to deposit 2 ADA for each wallet, but these ADA will comeback to you if you stop your delegation, this is just to avoid small and massive delegations.
You will have to pay around 0.17 ADA as a transaction of the blockchain, you wont recover this.

Why 340 ADA and 1%?

As a SPO (Stake Pool Operators) we can not put less than 340 ADA as fixed cost, this is dictaminated by the protocol. This 1% means that we will earn only 1% of the rewards to maintain the Pool operative. What does this mean? Imagine that the pool earns 1000 ADA as rewards, protocol will take 340 as fixed rewards, there still 660. We will take 1% (6,6 ADA) as margin, then, 653,4 ADA will be spread out all delegators according to their delegation.

How much do I need to delegate?

You can delegate all ADA that you want, there is no minimum, but remember, you will need 2,17 ADA (2 for deposit and 0.17 for fees).